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Shop Small Saturday

We’re here in the midst of holiday shopping season.  Do you need a stocking stuffer or 6?  Do you need a gift for a runner?  Do you need a little something to keep in your purse, or your car, or your desk drawer, because you don’t have time to stop for lunch?  Phantom FUEL has no less than 8g of protein per bar to get you through those long days at the mall, or those long hours browsing gifts online.  Whether you’re marathon shopping or marathon running, we’re here to FUEL you up!


Enter shopsmall in the coupon code box at checkout and get 10% off your order, ShopSmallSaturday through CyberMonday!


Happy Holidays from the Phantom Baker!

Yelp’s Night Market


Join us at the Ritz in Raleigh on Monday, October 26th from 6-9pm for Yelp’s Night Market!

We’ll have another chance for you to help name the new flavor, specials and suprises, and an extra gift for fellow superheroes in costume.  There will also be food trucks and a ton of other great vendors and crafters.  See you there!!


The FDA’s War on Nuts is NUTS!

Did you hear that the FDA doesn’t think nuts are healthy?  Well, they’re coming down pretty hard on KIND’s ‘healthy’ label due to the saturated fat content.

Phantom FUEL also relies on nuts and seeds (instead of processed powders) to supply your bodies with protein.  Nuts and seeds contain monounsaturated fats, and I’m pretty sure you already know the difference between good and bad fats.  Apparently, the FDA doesn’t care.

Read the full story here:

Be your own valentine

Hearts are a symbol of love; no more so than on Valentine’s Day.  Today, be sure to think of your own heart…love it, too.  This is an article about heart health, and in it…great news for those of you who love Phantom FUEL. (you can get 4 out of 11 of their tips from one little bar…not too shabby!)

tip #1: Oatmeal: its soluble fiber has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels

tip #2: Portion sizes: Phantom FUEL is conveniently portioned for you!

tip #5: Nuts: contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats, and can help control weight.

tip #11: Dark Chocolate: it’s yummy, and its flavonols may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Happy New Year!!!

It’s the end of holiday season and the beginning of resolution season.  A lot of you will be making resolutions to eat better, work out more, etc.  Phantom FUEL is here to help you reach your goals with protein, fiber, lots of whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Let The Phantom Baker FUEL the New YOU!


You’re Invited!!

Yelp of the Triangle is sponsoring a Holiday Bazaar TODAY from 2-6pm at the Cotton Room in Durham.  Lots of local vendors of all things crafty, cool, and comforting will be on hand to make sure you get that perfect gift for everyone on your list (especially if they’re into fitness and need to keep FUELed…).

My newest minion will be sampling our groovy granola bars and offering a delicious deal to those in attendance…while supplies last.  So come on down and see what the fuss is about.

Happy Holidays!

Bazaar Info

LoMo Holiday Gift Baskets

We are beyond thrilled to be included in LoMo’s holiday gift baskets!  Phantom FUEL is available in 2 baskets, The Chocolate Lover’s and the Outdoor Explorer (both in small and large sizes).

Baskets are offered until Dec. 22, and LoMo will even ship them for you so you can send North Carolina goodness all over the country!  Find the order form HERE and Happy Holidays!!