Who are you?

The Phantom Baker.

Why are you hiding your identity?

The Phantom Baker is my identity.  I am a superhero.  Publicizing my human form would only undermine my ability to save the human race, one tastebud at a time.

If you’re a superhero, can I book you for my child’s birthday party?

Uhhhh, no.  I must spend my time making tasty treats to help save the world!

Okay, so what makes Phantom FUEL different from all those other granola bars?

Well, they are super natural and super tasty.  If you check out the ingredients (on each individual product page) you won’t see any flour or eggs…they’re not cookies or muffins. They’re also nearly 3oz each; 2-3 times bigger than all those other name brand protein/energy bars, so they won’t leave you hungry.

Interesting, so where can I get some?

Look for the ‘retail stores’ tab under “Find the Phantom”, or you can order directly from The Phantom Baker through the “Shop” page.

Do you ship?

Yes, anywhere in the States via USPS.  There will be an additional shipping fee, but we do offer free shipping with certain larger orders, see the “shop” page for details.

Will they be stale when they get to me?

Absolutely not.  Shipping generally takes 2-3 days, and the bars are shelf-stable for months (each bar is labeled with a best by date) so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them.  Check out the tips page for storage instructions.

I have an allergy, can you make special bars for me?

Please use the contact form to discuss.  Keep in mind that any ingredient modification requests will only be allowed for full batch purchases.  The bars are made in multiples of 16, so you will have to buy 16 (or 32, etc.) bars.

If you ever get a key to the city or something really cool, can I come see you and take pictures and post them online and divulge your true identity?

Um, sure.  Just realize that due to my superhero nature, my human form will be unrecognizable.  Kind of like Clark Kent/Superman.