• The series of bars are intended as meal replacements; however, half of one is great as a post-workout, or mid-ride, snack.
  • The plastic packaging can be a little tough to get into (it stretches), but if you cut a small slit on one side of the top edge (before the seal), you should be able to tear it open quite easily whenever you’re ready to enjoy the bar.
  • It is a great high-protein, calcium-rich meal when crumbled over/into yogurt (but not greek yogurt – thick yogurt/dense granola isn’t the best combo-trust me on this).
  • Kids love these bars because they’re so delicious.
  • The nut based bars are good for up to 6 months, the seed bars are good for 3.  Each bar is labeled with a best by date.  Since they are already individually wrapped for you, you can leave them in a cupboard and they’ll be just fine.
  • The bars have the ability to be frozen and thawed, but you can expect a slight decline in quality.  If you really want to freeze them, it’s best to put them all in a resealable plastic bag (so they’re basically double-wrapped).
  • These bars have lots of fiber.  LOTS.  A friend of the Phantom who had surgery on her midsection and couldn’t “go” regularly was introduced to these bars.  After just one, she “went”…
  • Do you have an emergency kit in your car?  Does it contain any food?  They’re a tasty alternative to MREs. **stability only recorded for room temperature**