The Giant’s Ginger Bar

And then there were 5.

The poor little cashew felt totally left out, so a new flavor had to be created.  A cashew bar had been previously attempted, but the use of dried pineapple and white chocolate chips led to a truly (overly) sweet bar.  This time around, crystallized ginger was added, any kind of chocolate was left out, and cranberries replaced the pineapple.  The result is a wholesome bar with the texture and bite of a ginger cookie.  Delicious!

Ingredients: Cashew Butter [dry roasted cashews, expeller pressed safflower oil], Honey, Rolled Oats, Dried Cranberries [cranberries, sugar], Oat Bran, Crystallized Ginger [ginger, sugar], Wheat Germ, Coconut, Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Cinnamon