The Phantom Baker currently offers “Phantom Fuel”, a line of all-natural granola bars. The Phantom’s Favorite (Peanut), Archer’s Almond, Sergeant’s Seed, and Brewer’s Booster bars are currently available.  All of these bars are moderately chewy, but with a lot of texture. These flavors currently contain cranberries and chocolate chips, but that can be modified through special orders – just ask.  Feel free to browse the flavors under the ‘Products’ tab above.

Giant’s Ginger is also available, but in limited editions.  Unlike the rest of the bars, this one has no chocolate chips.  It is a cashew butter base, but there are no nut pieces so the final product is more tender than crunchy.  Crystallized ginger was added for a completely different taste.

The Phantom Baker will be offering a number of other (non-granola) goodies soon.

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