Monthly Archives: April 2013


Apparently, all the kids are saying ‘amazeballs’ now…I don’t quite know why, but I figured a play on words was in order.

Are you ready for this?  It’s really cool!  I put away some of the bars in October, to check their shelf stability.  I’ve always said they’re good for a month, but I wanted to see just how long they’d last.  I checked them in December…again in January.  Some things came up and I forgot about them until last week.  I took them out of their box and much to my amazement, they were all looking just fine.  So, I ate one.

Yes, folks, after 5 months these things are holding strong.  Well, the peanut, almond, and cashew-ginger versions are all still chewy and delicious…and I didn’t die :)

SO…what does this mean?  I get to edit my tips page!  Yep, that’s about all it means.  I’m retesting the seed bars, as I think 5 months is a bit past their prime.  I’ll keep you updated.

New Names

There’s a little thing called trademarks.  With that said, the Phantom’s friends have come to the rescue.  Introducing…the Archer, the Brewer, the Giant, and the Sergeant.  Well, we’ll introduce them to you later, but just know that they’re each taking on a flavor and making it their own!